Social media action plan


I can use many different types of branding to make my brand recognisable, I can use this through fonts, composition with elements of viewports, embedded videos, blog posts and tutorials. The meaning of my campaign is to gain recognition of my work and teach people things that I already know about 3D. My mannerisms will be casual but professional enough so people will take it seriously, twitter accounts can be treated like a normal social media account as this platform is not too serious. Linked in will be professional and work ready with suitable mannerisms and little or no humour as this can hinder visits.

The image style for my images and brand will be informative and give people an idea and educate without having to dig for information or pay for it. Colour palate can be simplistic, ideas for this include purple, blue and white/grey. I can use this colour palate on my website, it can not be used on social media.

What can I do for now? I can get ready, get linkedin page and artstation page ready. Create a twitter account, join groups on linked in. Forward domain to art station. Pinterest boards. Create an instagram account. Create a youtube account for tutorials. This is to set everything up.


Posts about past work and ideas for futures, with pictures and videos, maybe timelapses as well. I'll post this on my 3D instagram and twitter account.

I will create polls on twitter for which 3D software they prefer, which is their favorite game company and if they often watch timelapse videos on youtube. I can also grab their attention with free asset giveaways that I can create.