3D side table modeling

This side table is the last and final asset for the modern english office space. This asset is very simple just like the desktop too, as it is only a base shape with some extrusions done to it.

This start is very similar to the start of the desktop asset as it is the same shape, this asset is just around 4x the size because it is a side table / drawers.

to start this asset off, add in some subdivisions, these subdivisions will make out the drawers. The settings I have used for this asset are displayed of the right side of my interface.
Next to do is to add in some edge loops becasue we want the drawers to be realistic in a sense so there is a base that the drawers slide into. You can set the height and how many subdivisons you want for how many drawers, I wanted 3 because I belive 3 or 4 is the classic amount of drawers found on this piece of furniture, I used my drawer in my room as a reference, this drawer has 3 draws.
Selected these first 3 main faces where the drawers are going to be, extrude these outwards to make it as if something is poking out slightly.
Here is the final product, I could have added more detail like the feet/stands but I believe these would not be visible in the scene, so I have spent the time elsewhere which I think is more efficient.