Within this first semester with my website project and game project, I have learnt about 2 programming languages. These are HMTL and C#.


In the picture above, you can see the html code of the page "mywork" and its css. I had used bootstrap 4.0 for elements like the navbar, carousel and blog cards.

The text editor I used for this was Sublime text 3.

The above picture is displaying my creation of slowing time on a trigger event in unity.

C Sharp

I had previously used C Sharp before coming to the University of Winchester and that helped me a lot because then I could programme my game in the first semester without beign taught the language first. I had used CSharp for creating the following assets in my game project: CameraOffset.cs, Score.cs, Startrunning.cs, TimeManager.cs, TimeSlowForChar.cs and TriggerEvents.cs.

The IDE (integrated development environment) I had used for this was Visual Studio.