My social media

My social media is mostly on Twitter, Linked in and Youtube as I believe these 3 can be the most prominent social platforms. Twitter can be used for more casual means, searching for other peoples work, tips and tricks and getting updated on software, workflows and more. Linked in I use for more professional networking, showing my work, looking at others and finding people of interest. Youtube I use to display my work to an audience and also find other work to gain inspiration from. I personally like to use Linked in more often than twitter, but twitter can be good for casual scrolling and fining out news. Youtube is a good staple of how people can display their work to their audience, some videos can be comedic, while others are informative. The style of video can show your personality and/or brand in a light you want it.

In my social media action plan, I had planned to update twitter once a week every monday. This did not go to plan as some weeks I did not have new content to upload. My uploads on twitter were whenever I created new content and wanted to put it on social media for public viewing.

Was using twitter worth it? In my personal opinion, twitter is good for viewing accounts, receiving information and talking to people. Not for personal marketing of your work, this will most likey flop as you are essentially competing with other peoples work, and if you are a new account, it is unlikey your profile will be viewed by others unless you have another source of custom that you send to your twitter, or you know other people through their account. However, I also believe it is good practise to post regularily to twitter as it is a form of portfolio, it shows who you are and what you work on (like a timeline database of your work and interactions, could come in handy like a diary)

Linked in is my favorite platform for finding people, conacting people and showing my brand. This website is a good all round platform that all profesional trades can use.

I had also used sketchfab to upload some of my assets for free use to see if people would actually use my standard of work within their projects. I was pleasently surprised with the feedback and custom I had gotten with this website. While in the wait for Year 3 I will be using this website regularly.

Using youtube as a means of showing your work makes you do more work to reach more people, this comes in the form of editing videos which you may or may not have time to do. I did 2 timelapses for this youtube channel that I am proud of so I believe Youtube can be a good platform for some audience. Another big reason why I like using youtube is because I can use videos from this channel to embed into my website, this works well for me. This is also a good way to promote your Youtube in your website, or you can even promote your website in your Youtube videos. What I wish I had done is created tutorials showing workflows and small tips in small snippits for videos. I might play around with this before year 3.

Through my posts on twitter, I have displayed my analytics to show how my account had grown in exposure through different types of posts. I had played around with the time of day to post, pinning posts I would like people to see more, sharing youtube content through twitter, and hashtags.

This first post is the least successful post in impressions but second most successful out of the 4 with engaments (clicks), it was posted at around 3am and shows my current work progress with the zelda wall mesh. I believe this has the least impressions due to the time of day it was posted, and due to there being no hashtags in the post.

This second post I have included hashtags and it is pinned to to the top of my twitter profile. This post has had the least engagements (0) and the second least impressions. This may be due to the fact that this post was also posted at around 2am/3am. I believe this post has had no engagements because it is a self promotion of my asset page on sketchfab. Why is this? Well in my past experience people who want assets will go to an asset download page and not twitter. If someone saw this on twitter while casually scrolling, it is doubtful that they will take any notice because their demand for assets would most likely me very minimal.

The third post was a bit more successful than the rest, but still with 1 engagement there is room for progress. The impressions on this post were decent and the reason for this is because of the hashtags, time of day (I posted this post at around 5pm) and the fact that people normally like seeing timelapses.

This fourth post is the most successful post with many impressions, and 14 media engagements. This is contradictory with the theory of using hashtags because there is not a lot of hashtags compared to the other less popular tweets. Why was this post the most popular? I think it might be due to the lighting used in the scene to make the render look better. Aesthetics and quality of render can change how much exposure you post gets, people like seeing polished work on social media, especially on such a casual platform.

Going through growth on social media can be tough, but by using statistics and identifying user behaviour we can optimise the magnitude of our growth.

What would I do differently? If I wanted to grow on social media and create an online presence with my brand, I would use multiple different strategies based on the plaforms I was posting on. With my research on my analytics through twitter, I can tell that casual scrollers prefer seeing polished pieces of work rather than self promotion of assets. A platform I did not post on is instagram. I would take that chance the next time around to see how posting on instagram will affect my presence online. I did not post to instagram becuase I did not think it would net much growth and I could spend that time more efficiantly elsewhere.