Creating a realistic sink in a cupboard in Blender.

This kitchen sink in a cupboard is combining my cupboard model and the sink model. I did this due to the fact that this design will create a more realistic view of the client project.

This sink within a cupboard was created in Blender for a client project in my first semester of the third year. This client project was to create a draft plan/visualization of a new area within a shooting range known as the West Meon Rifle Club. I have also put this on my 3D asset database on sketchfab at I have also placed my other kitchen visualization models on this webpage.

This model only combines the 2 meshes together, to create a whole asset that can be put straight into games or visualizations, there are minor additions and differences between the models such as the upper cupboard part where the sink basin is placed, and the reduced size of the cupboards to make space for this segment. While creating this model I had took great consideration for maintaining the size of the asset, this is so when all assets are placed together they fit in with each other and dont create awkward distances or clipping.