Creating realistic kitchen drawers in Blender.

Through the past year at uni, I have shown great interest in realistic visualizations for architecture and environments. I have decided to create more assets and materials that show my thinking and aspiration down this pathway.

These kitchen drawers were created in Blender for a client project in my first semester of the third year. This client project was to create a draft plan/visualization of a new area within a shooting range known as the West Meon Rifle Club. I have also put this on my 3D asset database on sketchfab at I have also placed my other kitchen visualization models on this webpage.

I have put this modern styled kitchen piece into 3D from multiple different sources of reference images from pinterest. There are a lot of really nice looking pieces of furnature on pinterest as it is also a hub for 3D inspiration and well as photography.

These kitchen drawers are very simple as I belive this style creates a more modern look, and is more optimised for rendering and game use.