Creating a realistic kitchen cupboard in Blender.

Through the past year at uni, I have shown great interest in realistic visualizations for architecture and environments. I have decided to create more assets and materials that show my thinking and aspiration down this pathway.

This kitchen cupboard was created in Blender for a client project in my first semester of the third year. This client project was to create a draft plan/visualization of a new area within a shooting range known as the West Meon Rifle Club. I have also put this on my 3D asset database on sketchfab at I have also placed my other kitchen visualization models on this webpage.

My aim through creating this cupboard was to create another kitchen asset I could use within visualizations that matched my other assets for the project. This design has 2 basic principles; colour scheme and simplicity. The colour scheeme I am adhering to within these assets is a simple greyscale theme. This theme is repeated through numerous kitchen and house designs that show a more modern, up to date design.

This asset was straightforward but tedious due to its similarities and minor differences. This cupboard is supposed to be placed directly above my other kitchen asset for drawers, this means I have to maintain a very similar width so they can piece together within a scene without clipping or lighting errors. I selected faces from the beveled edges and brought them closer together into the middle, this process was tedious due to the manual clicking of faces but I eventually made my way to reducing the width of the drawers. I then rotated the singular drawer sideways 90 degrees and duplicated it, took the duplication and rotated it 180 degrees so it is facing the other drawer.

The 2 minor differences between this design and the kitchen drawers is the width, and the handle. I altered the handle so it displays a small pocket to grab hold of when opening the cupboard. This difference makes the handle look more designed to be pulled, rather than slid out.