Grave 4 creation

This is the last detailed grave I will be making. I think 4 different types of detailed graves, mixed with a few generic graves will be the perfect amount.

As an overview, during this model I had to create a certain type of shape to subtract from another as it would be much more time efficiant than any other method. In this first picture I had created a base shape that will have another object shape an inset within it.

In this stage, I have created the base shape and the inner shape that will contain the inset with spirals. This base shape behind out first step was really simple to create. It was a rectangle with 10 subdivisions. After creating the subdivisions I had used the edges at the top to model the real life grave from eye.

This stage is where the subtraction takes place. To do this select the object you want something subtracted from, then use shift+click to select your second object. After this is done select subtract under booleans in the menu selection at the top of the Maya UI.

Now with adding in the spirals I had used a custom spiral within Maya and edited to how it would look best on the grave stone.

After this spiral was edited and made for my liking, I duplicated it and placed it symetrical to my first one. I had also placed them on little pedestals

This is the finished asset for my graveyard. To use this in my scene, I ahve made sure the poly count is decently low and is has been created in reference to my other graves so its size will be the same as the others.