Gannt chart

For my gannt chart I have used trello as it works exactly like a gannt chart, looks great and does funtions a normal gannt chart cant do such as colour coding specific cards and implementing attatchement pictures and files like I have done with the time management excel document. This is useful so I can easily share links, source files and descriptions with my team members.

In my trello board I have a list of everyone in my team with a colour to determine who they are. Within this trello board you will see all work that has to be done and sectioned into their work role e.g. 3D has World Building and Design has Product Branding. Why have I sectioned tasks like this? I believe it is a lot easier to view and work with as people can clearly see what they have to do in a to-do list style. When they have completed their task they can change the status colour from orange to green. Red=Missed deadline. Orange = Needs to be done. Green = Done. I can also allocate deadlines on each task which is useful because on that day, the person allocated to do that task will recieve an email reminding them to complete the task. This is a great team eithic so everyone knows changes and is ontop of the workload.

Within the Personality traits section there is a list of everyones names, within the description of these cards is their belbin role and what they are working role is. I have done this because I believe belbin roles are important and it can help me determine who has what work to do and what they are best at. Here is what that member description looks like.

As a friendly ice breaker to introduce ourselves to everyone we all selected an emoji to represent ourselves with, this worked very well as it ignited conversation and adopted great team work ethics.