Exporting for games

Since we are exporting for a game project, we can either export into unity/unreal or go into the game exporter window, you can do both ways and both ways will allow your model to be able to be used within your desired game engine.

We will be using the game exporter to export this model to a .FBX format. This file type allows you to import digitally created assets into content creation applications.

To export you will need to go to File > Game exporter and the Game Exporter window should pop up

In this window there are multiple options, but we will ignore most of these options apart from the "Path" drop down. In this drop down you will set where you want your model to be saved and what file name you want it to be. After you have done this and clicked the "Export" button, you should now have an importable file for the use in a game engine in the folder that you have specified in the "Path" Input box.