Different landscapes

While creating landscapes, there can be multiple ways to create them, like a mental reference image you can use techniques to bring out textures or assets more. While looking at games I play I have noticed games using a technique where they mix 2 different landscapes and blend them together to form walls, rocks and any major changes in landscapes. 2 Games that use this techniqe is an indie game called Raft and Fortnite.

As you can see in this picture, there is 2 layers of landscapes, there is the main grassy plane, then the rocks that are attatched to it, another example is from fortnite. The world creation in fortnite is created in a way that has 2 main aspects. linear progression and verticality. They interpret verticality in their world design due to mechanics involved in the game that creates a more dynamic gameplay. You can see where the hills, landscape and river all converge as differnt landscape meshes. This is the technique I will be using

Here I am comparing the landscape creations from Raft, Fortnite and Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time. You can see that even in the Zelda level, there are 2 differnt meshes. One for landscapes and the other for the walls.

Below is a picture of the first landscape mesh I had created in maya. I had used this mesh in combination with the landscape creator in UE4 to emulate the zelda style more accurately.

Then with the help of UE4 I can create and texture a landscape and merge these landscapes to look like 1. If I can texture the landscape in UE4 how can I texture the mesh I created in Maya? I used vertex painting for this, I had put in extra verticies to make the texturing more versatile and easier to work with. In the embeded video below, you can see how I have progressed through texturing and modifing both landscape meshes.