Realistic crate

For the st vincent project I might need some filler assets to place in a scene. I had decided to go with a crate because crates are normally everywhere and they could possibly be present in an island that is about to be decolonised.

While creating this crate I took the opportunity to learn more about Blender, a piece of 3D software that is very well known in the industry as it is completely free therefor having no license fee, perfect for freelancers. This crate was created and textured in Blender using quixel textures.

During my learning process of Blender I had some trouble getting used to the new interface and hotkeys as they are pretty different from what i am used to (Maya) but after a few attempts of assets through a couple weeks i soon came to grips with the new workflow. Blender offers a very different way of creating assets through modifiers which consist of modifying, generating, Deforing and Simulation functions. Blender is hard, but thanks to the developers and the community there is a large base of education and training videos for free viewing.

Here is the main playlist of videos I used to learn about blender.