NURBs wine glass

Using NURBs we will be creating a realistic looking wine glass that isnt your normal procedure of modeling.

First of all, what is a NURB? NURB stands for Non-Uniform Rational B-splines, they can be used just like polygon primivies or they can be used to construct NURB curves that show an outline of the 3D model you are going to model.

So how do you draw a NURBs curve? You can draw NURBs curve by drawing it out freehand (less accurate) or you can place control verticies.

Now we have the subdivisions in we can begin to manipulate the cube into a more intricate, natural looking object. Since rocks are basic shapes we can play around with the vertices, faces and edges to get our desired shape.

To draw a NURBs curve go to Create > Curve Tools > CV Curve tool. This allows you to place a Control verticie by clicking where you want in your Maya scene. After 3 CV's you have placed, the shape is drawn out and you can view it in your viewport instead of just dots. Press enter when you are done

You can also create a NURBs curve by placing edit points, go to Create > Curve Tools > EP Curve Tool. Here is the same, you can click to place edit points, except in the other procedure we were playing Control Verticies. Press Insert to manipulate the edit points to edit them and press Insert again to go back to adding edit points. Once again, press enter when you are finished.

To draw one out freehand, you can go to Create > Curve Tools > Pencil Curve Tool and just click and drag to create a curve, as soon as you let go of the first mouse button, the curve is drawn out and displated through the Maya viewport. This procedure might be a nice way to use curvs, but they use a lot of data points which can lead to processing problems like long render times and long load times. To precent this, go to Curves > Rebuild. This takes out some data points and simplifies the curve.